James Mitchell's
Master's Guide to Timber Framing

Mitchell's years of knowledge and experience from both building timber frame structures and running the hands-on school, Island School of Building Arts on Gabriola Island, has given readers unique exposure, practical techniques and tried-and-tested methods for the best of timber framing.

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Post and Beam Hammer Bents
Perspective, p i-iii Perspective, p 102-104
The Plan, p 1-2 Parts Terminology, p 110
Shop Drawings, p 17 Mortise & Tenon, p 126
Raftered Roof Fr, p 77 Joinery Layout, p 142
Infill wall, p 85 Hammer Girts, p 154
Colour Photo Example Loads, p 175
  Wood Structure, p 191
  Connections, p 215
  Colour Photo Example

James Mitchell's Master Guide to Timber Framing


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